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You Are Just a “Loud Speaker”, Museveni’s Hired Gun – Besigye Blasts Ofwono

Ofwono Opondo (L) Dr. Kiiza Besigye (R)

Former presidential aspirant Dr. Kiiza Besigye has described Government spokesperson Mr. Ofwono Opondo as a noise maker.

Speaking while appearing on the NBS Television Frontline, Besigye said that Ofwono is a “loud speaker” of the “junta” and a “hired gun” who has never fought for power but only leeches on those who fought for theirs.

“For you, you don’t know what it means to fight and take over power from a rogue government, if you were in the bush and see how many times Museveni would run away when we would be raided.”

Besigye went on: “Museveni would run and hide in terrible and filthy places, sometimes he would run out of the country and come back later, you just talk because you are just a beneficiary of our struggle.”

He called said the situation has since deteriorated and that the judiciary and Parliament are under attack with open bribing of legislators and threats to Parliament.

“The fourth estate and opponents have been attacked. How do you reform this in the law?”

“I insist that Museveni is illegitimately in that office. There is an economy for the one per cent and not the rest of the people. If they say that we don’t achieve anything, why don’t they ignore us; I’m currently facing treason charges.”

He went on: “They burnt ‘Activists for Change’. Why carry out a ban and stop people from talking if we don’t matter? If what we do has no consequence, why are they so terrified to just let my words be heard on the radio? What we’re doing isn’t impotent.”

Besigye said if there is anybody terrified to death, it’s the 1% group that has terrorised Ugandans.

He said knowing that he is illegitimately in that office, President Museveni has been recruiting Local Defence Unit [LDU] soldiers ahead of the next general election.

“There is an economy for the one per cent and not the rest of the people. If they say that we don’t achieve anything, why don’t they ignore us,” Besigye reiterated.  

He said since 2016, opposition has been focused on having coordination amongst the people, leadership to fight for their power, for their rights.

“You don’t get your rights until you fight for them. It’s only gunmen who have ruled since independence. A “struggle” is fighting outside power until you attain it. I have done that before and I am doing it again. The struggle is on even when there is a failure.”

He said the only difference between the fight they are talking about and that of Museveni is that he is violent and opposition’s isn’t.

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