AUDIO: We Can Kill Anyone Except Museveni, Mafia Confesses

The fight against criminology in the country seems to be getting tough as different tricks revealed by government continue being subjected to mega criticisms.

Speaking while appearing on NBS TV early this morning, Controversial media commentator Tamale Mirundi revealed how multiple mafia teams have intensified the plots to assassinate more government officials for money.

Among the officials under alignment is State House Controller Ms. Lucy Nakyobe.

According to Tamele’s Audio clip, The Mafia is in negotiations with a top army officer to clear the hardworking State House boss.

“As long as you pay us, we have capacity to kill anyone be it a minister. The only person we can’t attack is president Museveni because he is guarded by the entire force but the rest, we can handle anytime.” The Mafia said as detailed in the Audio below.  

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