Don’t Open Legs Fwaaa for Commonwealth Delegates- Kadaga Warns Female Protocol Officers

Speaker of Parliament Rebecca Kadaga has warned parliamentary female protocol officers against ‘opening their legs fwaaa’ during the Commonwealth Conference slated for 22nd to 29th Sept 2019 in Kampala.

Speaking during the one day training of protocol officers who will welcome the commonwealth delegates, Kadaga has warned the officers to desist from sexual activities with the guests to avoid siring children with partners they will never see again in their lives.

Kadaga was quick to recall how Tanzanian who came to Uganda left behind several bastards with Ugandan women.

“When the Tanzanians stayed in this country, there was excitement and a number of children were born in this country, we know their mothers but we don’t know their fathers,” Kadaga said.

“So, don’t take risks, don’t get involved with a man from Jamaica, when will you see him again? And for the men, a woman from the Pacific, how can you even reach there? So you must really be careful.”

She also warned the parliamentary staff against gluttonous eating reminding them of an incidence where one member [MP] was choked by beef and in the event of rescuing the victim, somebody slapped him in the back and beef nearly hit former Tanzania President Jakaya Kikwete.

Kadaga also cautioned the protocol officers during the Commonwealth conference to be sensitive to various cultural backgrounds of the delegates and further desist from alcoholism and indecent dressing.

“What do you look like? Are you going there with green hair? Are you going to arrive at Entebbe and the first thing they see is green hair? So be properly groomed because you are the image of the country. If you are going to be a Muslim delegation, don’t wear a mini dress if you are a lady. In fact, we may want to attach Muslim members to Muslim delegation,” said Kadaga.

“When you take them up to their rooms, stop at the door you can take their luggage with the waiter, stop there, don’t enter and loiter in those rooms.”

(Source: Kampala Post)

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