Another R Kelly arrest warrant issued after singer failed to attend court because he was already in prison elsewhere

A warrant for celebrated singer R Kelly’s arrest has been issued after he failed to appear in court on federal sex crime charges.

R Kelly was charged with two counts of soliciting prostitution from someone under the age of 18 in Minnesota, and Hennepin County Attorney Judith Cole said that no attorney had filed a certificate of representation for the singer.

However, Steve Greenberg, the singer’s attorney, has since disputed the fact his client failed to appear, telling TMZ he is in custody and unable to “telepathically transport” himself from where he’s being held in Chicago.

He wrote on Twitter: “I did not resist his appearance, nor did he. He is in custody. It is the prosecutor who must obtain a court order for #RKelly to appear, and it is the prosecutor who must go get him if, as here, he is in custody elsewhere.

“They do not just give him a travel pass from federal custody,” he added.

Officials from the Minnesota District Attorney’s office are reportedly aware that federal authorities in the Northern District of Illinois – where he is being held – are unwilling to give them access to the singer until his federal case is resolved and that the bench warrant has been issued as a formality.

A spokesman said the summons for Kelly was sent to his last known address.

Kelly has been accused of offering a 17-year-old girl $200 to remove her clothes and dance for him in 2001.

Mike Freeman, an attorney for the county, said the alleged incident occurred when a fan tried to get an autograph from Kelly before a concert.

Kelly is also facing federal charges in Chicago for child pornography, enticement of a minor to engage in criminal sexual activity, and conspiracy to obstruct justice.

by The Independent UK

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