I Deserved the Nobel Prize, Not Ethiopia’s Prime Minister – Trump


I have just been informed that Ethiopian Prime Minister has won the Nobel Peace prize. This is so unfair. It was rigged against me from the beginning. No other human being has done so much to bring peace to the world than me. But the fake news media will not tell you this.

Listen, I met Kim Jong Un. In fact I have met him three times, others say four times, but you will never know. If it were not for Donald Trump, things would be very different, believe me. I have met Kim, I have met President Xi Jinping of China. We have made peace. We are winning the trade war by the way. China wants to make a deal but am I ready? We will see.

So, I am the peacemaker. The other day I said I am the chosen one and many people were not happy. But listen, I love peace. No one else knows more about peace than I do. I make peace with anyone. And the wall. It’s coming up very quickly. The do nothing Democrats don’t like it but the wall, the beautiful wall is coming out nicely. And Mexicans love it. We have peace with Mexico like never before.

We have peace with Russia, and Ukraine. Listen, I had a perfect conversation with President of Ukraine. Perfect conversation. Even President Zelensky confirmed that there was no quid pro quo. The Bidens did some very bad stuff in Ukraine. We will get into the bottom of all this. But no quid pro quo. This impeachment is the worst witch-hunt I have come across. Adam Schiff took a perfect conversation and put words into it to make it look bad. That is treason. Presidential harassment. He needs to be impeached.

So, I love peace and I make peace. I withdrew our military from Syria because I promised to end these endless wars. That alone should have won me the Nobel Peace prize. But it was rigged. Instead of Congress investigating the Nobel academy, they are investigating me. What has Ethiopian Prime Minister done. I have never met him but he is a good man. He is liked by his people. But I am liked more. Ethiopians love me. They love Ivanka. She went there and millions and millions of people lined up to receive her.

But the Nobel Peace prize prize was mine before it was rigged by crooked Hillary and Nancy Pelosi.

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