Tamale: Bobi Wine Would Be Doomed to Join Besigye

Famous political analyst Tamale Mirundi has again described Uganda’s fourtime presidential aspirant as a mole.

Speaking while appearing on NBS TV, Tamale said that the manner in which Besigye is treated by government officials reflects his true colours in the political arena.   

“Has Besigye ever been subjected to live bullets? Besigye’s businesses have never been tampered with. Some of the government vehicles fuel from his petrol stations.” Besigye.

Tamale claims that the mafia is controlling Besigye therefore getting Bobi Wine to join Besigye is a new strategy by the mafia to control him.

“Besigye is a perennial failure. A coalition won’t work. If Bobi Wine allows working with Besigye, he’ll be doomed.” Tamale said adding that the most credible candidate in this country is Mugisha Muntu.

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