Don’t despise humble beginnings – Oulanyah Implores underprivileged youth

The Deputy Speaker of Parliament, Jacob Oulanyah, has urged underprivileged youth to use their humble beginnings as a stepping stone to better themselves and take advantage of any opportunity handed to them.

Oulanyah made the remarks while visiting the Watoto Suubi Children’s Village, a child based community for orphans and disadvantaged children in Maya, Mpigi District, on Monday.

Oulanyah told the children that they are so lucky and blessed to have a Pastor like Gary and his wife to impact the lives of people who will propagate God’s purposes.

“It is good to see that there are institutions like this that have taken you from wherever you have been and made your life better and more worthwhile,” he said, adding that, “Thank God for everything because there are many out there who would wish for this”.

The Deputy Speaker shared his testimony with the children saying that he too has gone through difficult times and had a transformation.

“I have had those days where I went without food. Growing up, I used to fight on average five times a day to go to school. I had trouble finding where to sleep sometimes and I even had to be a potter at building sites just to get by,” he said.

He however noted that when there are challenges, therein lies the strength to overcome. “When you think you are suffering, you are actually blessed. I come here to celebrate with you God’s amazing grace that you are in such a situation,” Oulanyah added.

The Deputy Speaker counseled the children to utilise the moment granted to them by Watoto to become individuals who can positively impact their society.

Watoto Suubi Children’s Village comprises of homes, baby nursing centres, a primary, secondary and vocational training school.

Pastor Gary Skinner, the founder of Watoto Suubi Children’s village and Watoto Church said they are reaching out to thousands of desperate children, educating them and helping families in difficult situations.

“We have been on this village for a while now helping children who had lost their parents to HIV/AIDS. We set up a community in the form of homes, especially for mothers who are helpless, to transform their lives,” he said.

Skinner said that the Church is here to love and help people and, “we can help the government instead of them helping us”.

He explained that they try to help every child reach their potential and tap into their talents through music, dance and sports among others.

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