MTN unveils Voice Bundles that ‘call’ all networks, a first in Uganda

In a move aimed at giving customers even more value, MTN customers are set to talk more this festive season following the launch of revolutionary daily voice bundles that give customers the freedom to make calls to both MTN customers and those on other networks, using the same voice bundle and at no additional cost.

Under the theme“More supu in your MTN daily Voice Bundles”, the new offer from MTN is the first ever such service that complements the government’s efforts to reduce the cost of making calls to Ugandans. Commenting on this new development, MTN Uganda Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Wim Vanhelleputte said, “For the first time ever, the cost of calling an MTN number is the same as that of calling other mobile networks in Uganda. Customers will still pay the same amount of money for their daily bundles, get the same number of minutes except that some minutes can now be used to make calls to numbers on other networks in Uganda”. In either instance, the minutes can be used to call both mobile and fixed numbers.

Until now, MTN has offered customers competitive daily voice bundles designed to fit their budgets and communication needs. These promotional on-net and off-net daily voice bundles however, further emphasize MTN’s intention of making communication more affordable.

“We are offering competitively priced voice bundles to our customers but are continuously looking for even more ways of giving more value to our customers. This offer demonstrates our efforts to continue being the network that gives more “supu” (more value) in our services”, added Wim.

MTN daily voice bundle costs range from as low as UGX 500/- for 6 minutes to UGX 2,000/- for a duration of 60 minutes valid for 24 hours. This promotional offer however means that some of these minutes in the daily voice bundles can be used to call other networks though a customer can still choose to use all the minutes to call MTN to MTN numbers. This offer undoubtedly,makes MTN daily voice bundles the best option on the market today. It offers customers great value, allowing them the flexibility to call numbers of their choice without worrying about additional costs.

“It’s opportune that this offer comes to the market as we draw close to the festive season, when the need for customers to talk to family, friends and conduct business is high. MTN is glad to be the network that adds more “supu” to your festivities,” concluded the MTN Uganda CEO.

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