Even if Bobi Wine, Besigye Made a Coalition, They Still Can’t Defeat Museveni – Rwomushana

Besigye and Bobi Wine

Popular panelist Charles Rwomushana has said that the opposition does not have the capacity to unseat president Museveni even when they come with a complete coalition.

Speaking while appearing on NBS Television early this morning, Rwomushana stated that the opposition only has the disgruntled Ugandans who are the same throughout, while none of them has been able to efficiently tap into the support of President Museveni.

The former intelligence operative added that the four-time presidential aspirant Dr. Kiiza Besigye’s relevance to the opposition is already extinct.

 “Opposition leaders will always be dealing with Ugandans who are trying to show they no longer love president Museveni, all these leaders are struggling to own such people, the reason their discussions are premised on who is a mole and who isn’t. Some fight so hard to have police arrest them s they can prove themselves, that is the other reason why Muntu is viewed as Museveni loyalist, he has failed to get arrested,” Rwomushana said.

The former government spy said that time and again, opposition leaders have failed to sway people from Museveni and this has condemned them to irrelevance.

He gave an example of Forum for Democratic Change strong man Dr. Kizza Besigye whom he said was of relevance a decade back but has since fizzled.

“Besigye was relevant then because he came from the NRM with some people and indeed it happened. On the percentage of opposition then, Besigye came with an addition, but is he still able to add more support, NO, he does not have the capacity,” Rwomushana said.

Museveni is most likely to win the election by over 50 percent, which means that the opposition must be ready to look for solutions to obstacles that Museveni is most likely to put in their way.

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