20 PHOTOS: How President Spent His Christmas in Rwakitura

President Museveni together with the First Lady and their entire our family  joined the faithful at Nshwerenkye Church of Uganda in Kiruhura District.

This Christmas service was led by Rev. Meshach Kihondwa.

Speaking to the congregation, Museveni congratulated all Ugandans for making it to Christmas and coming to the close of the year.

“My call to Ugandans is to utilize your talents. Importantly, I urge you to use the stability the country enjoys to improve your individual income stations.” Museveni noted adding that In the agriculture sector, it is increasingly clear that people are applying themselves to the fullest. The bumper sugarcane, maize, banana harvests and milk glut among others is evidence of this.

“The government will now do more to support value-addition to ensure we do not just sell these products in the raw form but also diversify their by-products to deal with the issue of excess harvests. The farmers also must ensure they enforce good farming practices.” He revealed.

Here is how the entire celebrations went down.

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