Minister Ogwang Schools Opposition Supporters Spreading False Allegations

Newly appointed Minister has gone bare knuckles haters spreading malicious information on social media regarding his education qualification.

In a social media post, the zealous ruling party official schooled the team spreading information alleging that he does not qualify to be in Parliament and a minister to either go to court or remain silent forever, as detailed below.

“I have been drawn into a social media post authored by a one Emmanuel Byamukama alleging that I do not have requisite academic papers to serve as MP and minister despite being a legislator since 2011. Whereas I am occupied in the ongoing “Greak Trek” in the jungles of Kiboga, I would like clarify that I possess the required minimum academic qualification and i was ably and legally nominated as MP both in 2011 and 2016.

If a one Byamukama and his accomplices for whatever reasons think that I do not possess the minimum academic qualification and therefore questioning the competence of  Electoral Commission and Parliament that duly nominated and vetted me respectively then it is his right to challenge the matter in the courts of law other than continuously soiling my name on social media.

His utterance is simply deceptive, malicious, fraudulent and contains elements of defamation-a ground in which I am considering engaging my lawyers for a rebuttal.

I have also been informed that the same group of people are calling my office asking for Shs20m for them to stop circulating such information. I consider this as blackmail and extortion which is punishable by law and I have already engaged relevant authorities to trap such fraudsters.”

Ogwang was first elected to Parliament as a Youth MP representing Eastern Uganda in 2011, he was reelected in 2016 as representative of Usuk county in Katakwi district.

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