Bantariza: We shall Not Allow To Get Into Chaos Because Individual Adamancy

The deputy government spokesperson Col.Shaban Bantariza has challenged Ugandans to focus on issues that unit us as a nation that those that separate us.

Speaking while appearing Next Radio Saturday talkshow, Shaban accused Political players for not seeking for good faith to work together.

“We seem to be taking the antagonistic tendencies with each other. We need to outgrow this.” Shaban said adding that they are not in politics for a do or die.

“We should be working towards the stabilization of our political process. I would like to encourage everyone to try and harness concurrences of opinion on how to play politics because we all need the safety.” He noted.

Bantariza also revealed that if we are going to follow the law and rules, we have to start by working well with each other citing that there is a tendency of violence coming up which we need to break down.

This year is a political season, if we don’t prepare in time, we shall get into chaos. The long and short of that meeting (Electoral Commission and People Power) was that we redraw our consultation schedule, and will work with police to make sure this happens. We hope that the police observes the law like they promised they would.

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