You Need To Shun All Bad Behaviors – Museveni’s Brief Letter to the Bazukulu

The symbolic trek and camping come to a close as I return to Kampala. I once again thank everyone, especially the Bazukulu. You have had a new experience, exercised your bodies and lived out of your usual comfort for the past week.

Most of the Bazukulu spend time sitting comfortably in Kampala and looking at the internet, others in offices. When do you get time to think or look at a different side of things? This trek has provided a new dimension of life, and given you the much needed physical exercise. No amount of gym sessions can equal the health benefits of such a trek.

I, therefore, call upon you not to squander your lives by following a bad lifestyle. Remaining healthy is part of any war. If you give away your life to drugs, alcohol and bad sexual behavior, you will not be around when needed.

There should never be an excuse for you not to do anything, I am fit today and can fight anybody because I have chosen a clear behavioral path. Do not be like a flag which wind blows in any direction.

Have an ideology, follow through with discipline to execute that ideology but most importantly prepare enough ideologically and physically.

I thank you.

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