Police Urges Local Leaders to Embrace grassroot security

Local leaders drawn from the districts of Kitgum, Agago and Pader have been urged to embrace the concept of neighborhood watch scheme if criminality is to be curbed.

This was during a community policing meeting convened in the area by the Head of Community Policing Department, ACP Anatoli Muleterwa.

“We are here for community policing and community mobilization,” Muleterwa said, adding the policing is under the theme, ‘Connecting and building a strong grassroot security with local council leaders for neighborhood watch scheme’

“We have been meeting with various stakeholders in as far as security is concerned. These stakeholders include; local council leaders, religious leaders, Resident District Commissioners and district councillors among others,” he said.

Through the meeting, Muleterwa said positive strides have been recorded.

“We have enlisted a lot of cooperation and people have showed a lot of enthusiasm for which we realized that this will go a long way in building strong partnership for the realization of the neighborhood watch scheme. At the end of the day, we aim at reducing major complaints that come to the police and this will help us in public support, vigilance and empowerment,” he said.

He therefore urged police officers to work closely with the public as one way of getting information out of them.

Muleterwa called for disciplined and professionalism of officers as they do their policing work.

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