How To Rent a car to Make Your Next Trip to Uganda’s Pearly Destinations Convenient

Julius Katwesigye had always dreamt of taking his wife, Maureen for ‘the perfect getaway’ in Queen Elizabeth National Park which is located in the western Uganda, known for tree climbing lions. 

The park is also ranked as the second mostly visited national park after Bwindi Impenetrable Forest National Park that hosts the Mountain Gorillas and most Uganda gorilla trekking lead you to either bwindi or Mgahinga National Park. 

However, this is special arrangement that required extra cash like purchase of the gorilla permit ( 700USD) and advance booking was required .  This was the main reason he decided to take the wife to Queen Elizabeth National Park.

The newly married couple had plans for their three-day getaway during the just concluded festive season set out.

“We have always wanted to explore new places, have fun and disconnect from everyday life,” they shared.

Unfortunately on the D-Day, their car broke down. But the trip had to on.

“We were devastated,” Maureen notes. “We had planned for about three months. We had gone over our itinerary several times and even booked accommodation in advance( Nature Lodges Uganda:  Bush Lodge Specifically).”

Luckily for them, a colleague came to their rescue when he suggested they could go ahead with the trip by hiring a car as opposed to using a bus, another option that they were considering.

He spelt out the advantages of car hire which included among others affordability, flexibility and convenience among others, Lucky  enough , we used google and landed on Uganda Car Rental a local car hire company that accepted to hire us a Toyota landcruser for Safari in Uganda‘s famous Queen Elizabeth National Park.

“Car Rental in Uganda is very affordable and there is usually a variety of budget cars to choose from depending on your budget. Also, it will avoid the wear and tear of your own vehicle. Even if it was involved in an accident, the cost of repair would be incurred by the car hire company,” their colleague said.

Also, with Car Rental Uganda , a client enjoys a lot of freedom since they don’t have to share Link Bus that connects from Kampala to Kasese and then take the hassle of hiring a local taxi to connect to Queen Elizabeth National Park . Once you car hire for a self drive or with a guide for Game drives, or to the several crater lakes,  the experience is unbelievable.

“This will also help you make you travel at your own pace, making the rights stops,” they heard, before they were introduced to Uganda Car Rental, a car hire agency that offers transportation services across East Africa covering both the local and the international tourists that plan summer holidays in Africa. .

They have been in business since 2010, Uganda Car Rental have a variety of 4wd cars (SUV’s/Jeeps for ‘self drive safaris’ or with adriver if requested( Key notes to consider when selecting 4×4 Cars to book,  Toyota Land cruiser model 78 Series , Toyota Land cruiser Prado , Toyota landcruiser v8 & Toyota Rav4 )

The fleets of Uganda car rental can be used to cross border since they offer papers to enable go to UgandaRwanda, Kenya and Tanzania with free hassle border crossing process. 

All cars meet the East African tourism standard and cost between suitable for up to 4 people from USD45 the Smallest Toyota Rav4  to USD100 per day to the biggest landcruiser  without driver and fuel.

These can also be broken down in Economy or Weekend car rentals.

“An economy car from is will be much cheaper to drive than a luxury car, SUV or other vehicle that uses up more fuel. It makes sense to save money when traveling to Uganda national Parks. If you’re the type of person who is always looking for a deal and you are currently shopping for a car rental on a tight budget, an economy rental car is perfect for you. Economy vehicles come with fuel efficient four cylinder engines that allow drivers to save more money at the pump. If you’re stuck between renting a full size sedan and a compact vehicle, book an economy car rental through Uganda car Rental,” a statement on the company’s website reads.

Weekend rentals on the other hand, means more fun and bigger savings for short term rentals in Uganda by taking a simple Visit to Jinja Town, Kampala Driving and Entebbe Breach.

Here, one will be treated to a selection of vehicles, from compacts to luxury to minivans, 24 hour roadside assistance — Day or night, Always Call away or whatsapp Message to get help. 

The catch with renting a car is that in order to enjoy your trip, choose a car that will offer you maximum comfort on your trip, that will not leave a dent in your pocket.

Dont miss the chance to  go for safari holiday in Uganda as result of transportation around and connecting in stressful public transport when Car hire option is available. Thanks to the team of Uganda Car Rental and i will return back since i cant miss this year to explore the Mountain gorillas & Golden monkey in Bwindi impenetrable national park & Mgahinga National Park Respectively all located in south western Uganda.

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