What You Need to Know About MPs Endorsed Campaign Against Sexual Harassment

Hon Adeke(2nd L) addresses the media as Kamateeka(L) and other activists look on

The Uganda Women Parliamentary Association (UWOPA) and the Parliamentary Forum for Youth Affairs have endorsed a campaign by civil society organizations to curb sexual abuse.

The campaign dubbed ‘My Body, My Consent’ pioneered by civil society activists is based on seeking justice for victims of sexual violence that includes among others rape and defilement.

The National Youth Member of Parliament and Chairperson of the Parliamentary Forum for Youth Affairs, Hon. Anna Adeke Ebaju said many victims especially women have been disappointed by the justice systems and this move will act and seek justice against those who have perpetrated the crime.

“We are all taken by shock by the nature of offenders who ranged from friends, relatives and bosses to strangers and even police officers preying on suspects,” said Adeke.

She added that campaign geared at ensuring a safer Uganda free of sexual abuse will be enhancedby the passing of the Sexual Offences Bill as well as provision of legal and psychosocial support to victims.

“We are therefore, going to table a motion in  Parliament seeking to pass this Bill before the end of the month because it is the only adequate law that can curb these vices and give justice to the survivors,” Adeke said.

Mitooma Woman MP, Hon. Jovah Kamateeka made a call to all Ugandans to indulge in concerted efforts to protect children from sexual abuse.
“We need to encourage the girls who have been victimised to speak out.

Some are assaulted by their family members and tend to keep quiet to protect the family image, but such people should be brought to book so that this vice is curbed,” said Kamateeka.

Norah Nakyegera from Uganda Youth and Adolescent Forum (UYAF) raised concerns that the girl-child had often been blamed for putting herself in a position of sex abuse, which notion she said had to be changed so as to protect them.

“I am happy that different victims especially women and girls have come out to name and shame some of the perpetrators of sexual abuse on social media, and we shall continue fighting for the safety of the girl child,” Nakyegera said.

The MPs said that a public interest litigation will be done on several human rights of the ladies who spoke out publically, which suit will be headed by Hon. Adeke.

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