FDC Picks Nyanjura For KCCA Speaker Position, Pens Inspirational Acceptance Letter

My fellow Lord Councilors, Members of the Press, Members and supporters of the mighty FDC, ladies and gentlemen!

I thank FDC for nominating me for the position of Speaker for Kampala Capital City Authority.

I am running for Speaker so as to position KCCA for success in these, our times. I want us to position ourselves for a success that will be as strong as a rock so that future generations can build on and not break what we will have done.

I seek this position, not with the intention of being someone but to, in sync with the Political leadership of Authority, do something for the residents of Kampala, I want us to implement an agenda that will both defend and fulfill the desires and demands of the residents of this city.

As Speaker of KCCA, I will stand for the renewal, for the revitalization and for the re-assertion of the core values, principals and purpose of the Capital City Authority in the context of the times in which we are living.

That this election is being held at this time, after a hasty change of the KCCA Act testifies to the turmoil that has been visited on the Authority and the future intentions of those whose aim is to erode the powers of the Lord Mayor and Councilors and emasculate our capacity in serving our people.

My fellow Councilors, unless we work together as the political leadership of the Authority, we shall remain only symbols and nothing else but symbols.

Iam glad that in this effort, I have the support of not only my Party Councilors, but also Councilors representing other Political shades.

Fellow councillors, I will work with you to ensure that our powers are defended and not eroded as we build mechanisms to improve the living conditions of the People of this City.

We have to work around the clock to reduce and finally sort the traffic jam nightmare on our roads especially during peak hours. We must do this by paving more kilometers of roads and ensuring a zero tolerance to potholes on our roads, which slow down our traffic.

As Speaker, I will make sure the Authority stands not just for, but also fights viciously for the weak against the strong, for the poor against the rich. We shall fight for those who have no voices against those who pride in all manner of weaponry.

As we fight for equity, we shall pay special and undivided attention to the WOMEN of this City. The women in the markets, the women selling gonja on the streets, the women who not only attend the Authority’s health centers but also run their children there for treatment when disease attacks.

We must fight to defend and actualize the hopes of parents who enroll their children in our Public schools in the hope that they will attain the necessary skills and knowledge to help uplift their families.

For the business men and women, we must ensure they work in clean and safe environs.

As speaker, I will ensure Public and business facilities in Kampala are made fit for use by people with disabilities as we endeavor to make Kampala a city for all.

My pledge to Councilors is that I will be neutral in the Council but not about the Council and I will, without fear or favor defend the Council and Councilors from any external aggression.

As we put in all these efforts, we must not forget the monster that has become cancerous and continues to afflict our Country. We must never forget our cardinal fight against social injustice. The fight for social justice is one we must tirelessly pursue even to the gates of hell.

I urge all of us to continue mobilizing our people and prepare them for the collective action against injustice and oppression for I believe that if we all played our roles, this country will finally be free sooner rather than later.

God bless you.

Nyanjura Doreen

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