The Hottest Part Of Hell Is Reserved For Us Uganda’s Elites – Besigye

Leading opposition Figure Dr. Kiiza Besigye has joined hundreds of Ugandans to condemn government officials using the Covid 19 pandemic to enrich themselves.

This comment follows a social media video from Salt TV leaked to the public where an elderly woman was complain about the relief food distributed by the National Task force.

In a two minute video recoded in Bwaise a Kampala suburb, the elderly woman complain about the quality of bean.

“Besides the beans being full of stones, they also don’t get ready! I have cooked the beans for more than two hours but till now they not yet ready.” The poor woman narrated while showing the source pan before the camera.

 This clip attracted Besigye’s attention describing that the hottest part of hell is reserved for us- Uganda’s elites.

 “A half of what this old lady received as “beans” (from Uganda COVID Task Force) was actually beans BUT after 2 days cooking, they’re still inedible!

This appears to be a common complaint about the food relief being distributed. There are many beneficiaries from this scourge and, as always, they’ll be known- in time! I’ve said before that the hottest part of hell is reserved for us- Uganda’s elites.” The former presidential aspirant noted.

He added that let’s continue to pray to the All-knowing, Almighty God (and Judge) to see us through this painful period. “Stay home, stay safe.”

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