Mixed Reactions as MPs Demand Tougher Measures on Truck Drivers

Members of Parliament have asked government to come up with tougher measures to curb the spread of corona virus by truck drivers crossing into the country.

During a sitting of Parliament on Friday, 24 April 2020, legislators were concerned that the high cases of new infections of the virus were being registered in the drivers.

The latest infections registered were 11 truck drivers bringing the number of infected in Uganda to 74.

Budama South MP, Hon Jacob Oboth Oboth said the issue of corona virus needed a concrete statement from government especially in regard to the truck drivers.

He added that government has since handled the crisis well with the country recording several recoveries of those that earlier tested positive but the new cases from truck drivers were worrying.

“The border districts are vulnerable to the truck drivers whose inter-personal relations are not-questionable and likely to cause danger to the country,” he said. 

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