No One Is Above The Law – Katureebe Tells Off Kadaga

The Uganda Chief Justice Bart Magunda Katureebe has finally given his take on the controversial rifts between the three arms of government (Parliament, Judiciary and Executive).

These emerged after lawmakers on orders of the Speaker shared shs. 10billion which was meant to fight the global Covid 19 pandemic.

Speaking while appearing on NBS Television, Katureebe wondered why the legislative is not contented with the ruling.

“If an MP feels something has gone wrong in parliament and he comes to court, why is it termed as an attack when the court gives a ruling for the money to stay where it is until issues are solved?” Bart Magunda Katureebe said.

He added that there is no body above the law, be it the president or the Speaker of Parliament.

“Nobody is above the law in this country. The only person who has been given immunity while serving is the president.” He noted.

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