Northern Artists Jenneth Prischa, Lady Zulu Go bare knuckles Over Food

Singer Jenneth Prischa from her flagship brand the Rockstar Edu-tainment  has asked fellow artist Lady Zulu to trade slowly with her demand for food relief from Gulu city task force and not to mistake the identity of all artist as being too vulnerable.

According to Jenneth Prischa her name had been wrongfully listed among 170 allegedly vulnerable artists in dare need of support after their main source of income was clamped down by the novel coronavirus.

“I just want Lady zulu to know that, I asked my name to be put off the list of the vulnerable artist who came out seeking for support. I was never consulted neither did I claim to be in need, it is not because I am well off but comfortable with the little I have at my disposal” Prischa said.

However, her open post on social media did not go well wilt lady Zulu who jumped on her back sparking a bitter wave of conversation, bickering and criticism.

Zulu accused Prischa for stepping on their already hatched deal for a free 10 kgs of corn flour (Posho) and Munk beams known as Coroko in Acholi that would in fact sustain their hustle as the lock down bites harder.

Verbatim – “There are numerous artists who are not doing very well at all of which is true and why don’t they give them the items and some of the few artists are coming to Facebook bragging that they don’t need food items. how do they think well-wishers will feel or go with if learnt on their messages?” Zulu Wondered.

But Prischa was quick to say “I think giving food to artist for me would be in a reverse format, Artist consulting one another first, identify the identify the so-called vulnerable musicians crippled by COVID-19 before skewing their plea to the world. Lamenting on top of their voices as though all they need was the 10kgs of posho and the munk beans”.

As she queried the logic behind the one-time food distribution plan and its sustainability. what happen will happen after all these artists are given food, eat it up and the lockdown is not lifted?  Will they shut up, continue begging from well-wishers or to starve?

She urged all artist to derive unrelenting means of survival outside the music playground and stop relying on music that only comes with fame and yet it leaves majority of them with empty pockets.

“My plea to all northern artist and across Uganda, is learn to think out of the box and act on a sustained path of life because the industry besides being competitive, it is also very unpredictable. It is because we banked all our hopes in music that is why we are being faced by such shameful acts asking for food when actually we should be the ones giving back to a community that has stop with us and supported us through the different concerts”

According to the Ministry of Health, Uganda has 264 confirmed cases of novel coronavirus with a partial lock down for another 14 days pending distribution of mask.

Whereas artists are equally vulnerable more attention should be given to street children, widows, child headed families, the elderly and people with disability as of now.

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