List of MPs ‘Clearing Throats’ A Head of NSSF Bill Closed-door Meeting With President

A section of lawmakers are now warming up for a closed door meeting with the Fountain of Honour.

According to information reaching our desk indicates that the Members of Parliament sitting on the Gender and Finance Committees agreed President Yoweri Museveni’s view over the controversial National Social Security Fund (NSSF) Amendment Bill 2019, especially on Sections 2, 12, 15, 16,17 and 18.

“We need to first seek the President’s clarification and input in some sections of the Bill before we add ours and process the Bill.” They resolved this afternoon.

Forthose that have been at Nakasero, or Entebbe statehouse, its hard to come empty handed.

Among the lawmakers CONFIRMED and now clearing throats are Rubanda East MP, Henry Musasizi, Workers’ MPs Dr.Sam Lyomoki,  Arinaitwe Rwakajara, Agnes Kunihira among others.

These lawmakers bragged saying that they should consult the President before making any decision on this controversial bill especially where the Fund should be housed.

“The President expressed his interest in this Bill in writing and therefore, he becomes a stakeholder among other stakeholders we have interacted with and since from the Committee we have failed to achieve consensus it is important we meet the President before we go to the House,” Musasizi said.

He also declared his interest, saying some MPs were sponsored by President Museveni. He added that they can meet the President as soon as possible using their ‘mechanism’ because “he is not in heaven”.

More MPs excepted to attend since they sit on committees handling the matter are listed below.

 Committee on Gender, Labour and Social Development

1 Hon. Ndeezi Alex NRM Chairperson

2 Hon. Anywar Beatrice Atim NRM Vice-chairperson

3 Hon. Okabe Patrick NRM

4 Hon. Mwine Mpaka Rwamirama NRM

5 Hon. Arinaitwe Rwakajara NRM

6 Hon. Asamo Hellen Grace NRM

7 Hon. Kamara John Nizeyimana NRM

8 Hon. Kesande Grace NRM

9 Hon. Osoru Morine NRM

10 Hon. Rwabwogo Sylvia NRM

11 Hon. Kitatta Aboud NRM

12 Hon. Aol Jacqueline Rama NRM

13 Hon. Bigirwa Norah Nyendwoha NRM

14 Hon. Lubogo Kenneth NRM

15 Hon. Mbwatekamwa Gaffa NRM

16 Hon. Akello Lucy FDC

17 Hon. Anywarach Joshua Carter Independent

18 Hon. Kiiza Stella Independent

19 Hon. Wekomba Sarah Independent

Committee on Finance, Planning and Economic Development

1 Hon. Musasizi Henry NRM Chairperson

2 Hon. Avur Jane Pacuto NRM Vice-chairperson

3 Hon. Illukor Charles NRM

4 Hon. Lugoloobi Amos NRM

5 Hon. Asiku Elly Elias NRM

6 Hon. Okello Anthony NRM

7 Hon. Mulindwa Isaac Ssozi NRM

8 Hon. Walyomu Muwanika NRM

9 Hon. Tumuramye Genensio NRM

10 Hon. Achia Remegio NRM

11 Hon. Kamateka Jovah NRM

12 Hon. Katoto Hatwib NRM

13 Hon. Naigaga Mariam NRM

14 Hon. Opolot Isiagi Patrick NRM

15 Hon. Bategeke Lawrence NRM

16 Hon. Odur Jack Lutanywa NRM

17 Hon. Akello Judith Franca FDC

18 Hon. Nandala Nathan Mafabi FDC

19 Hon. Akol Anthony FDC

20 Hon. Ssemakula Luttamaguzi Paulson DP

21 Hon. Bagoole John Independent

22 Hon. Mukoda Julie Zabwe Independent

23 Hon. Mukula Francis Independent

24 Hon. Kakooza James Independent

It should be noted that some Lawmakers especially indepenents and those from opposition have already distanced themselves from the looming engagement.

 Bugabula South lawmaker, Henry Kibalya rejected the proposal to meet the President over the bill saying that the bill should be urgently processed by parliament and sent to the President and if he has issues with the decision of Parliament, he will reject it and offer guidance.

The committee agreed to enable NSSF savers to access their savings after 10 years of saving and at 45 years of age.

“Are we doing justice to this Parliament and this country?  Why can’t we conclude this Bill because it can’t become a law if it is not signed by the President? If he has any areas of contention or areas where he’s not satisfied with what we are doing, then he will recommend and send back the Bill…I think we are changing the rules of this Parliament; now we are involving the President into also participating in making Bills for us,” Kibalya said.

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