The Technology Trends for the New Decade

In the modern time where we are seeing new techs every now and then, it is very important for every business to identify the technology trends and shape their operation according to them. We have mentioned here some of the technology trends that will hasten the development of the Internet of Things

Decentralized: Everything from anywhere

More and more consumers are using mobile services and expect that they can access services anytime, without delay, and from anywhere. Companies must, therefore, be able to always offer solutions and services safely and without interruption. They can only do this successfully by relying on a decentralized IT infrastructure and thus diversifying it. Keyword cloud and colocation. Because especially under the expected peak performance of the IoT, your own capacities in computing power, scalability, and availability are not sufficient.

The endeavor to have IT infrastructures hosted by highly professional colocation services and at the same time to use different cloud models, as a hybrid mix of public and private clouds, will continue to gain importance in the 2020s.

Tailored Solution

Another trend is tailored services and individual products for business and private customers alike. To do this, however, more and more devices have to be connected and data to be exchanged. This is the only way to create data sources from which solutions such as on-time products, predictive maintenance, AI using artificial neural networks, and much more can be created.

At the same time, according to Statista, the mark of three billion IoT devices is to be broken in the coming year. A study also confirms that the IoT is booming. 94% of the companies surveyed are dealing with the topic or are planning to do so. And more than half see IoT as the basis for new networked products and data-based business models.

In order to manage the amount of data that arises there and on the other hand to ensure the connectivity between devices and data pools safely and reliably, digital platforms and eco-systems based on the infrastructure of colocation data centers are required. Here, members can exchange ideas, share tools, and services with one another and thus develop solutions that are tailored to the needs of customers. The online casino can be a great example of tailored services for the customers as they offer new casino bonus and recommend games to the players according to their behavior online.

Transparency and Protection

The more data is collected, held, shared, and analyzed, the more important it is to protect this wealth of data comprehensively on the one hand and at the same time to ensure sufficient transparency.

With the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), a far-reaching framework for personal data was already cast in law in Europe in 2018. However, it must also be ensured that the security of the company, customer, and machine data is preserved in the course of the IoT. In addition, data owner mechanisms must be put in hand to ensure their sovereignty. This is especially true in times of increasingly decentralized infrastructure, such as when selecting colocation data centers.

The most vital things here are:

  • Ø Privacy
  • Ø Data security
  • Ø Data sovereignty

The Gartner experts see this very similarly in a recent analysis and therefore advocate that companies should focus on four areas to ensure transparency and control: artificial intelligence/machine learning, consolidation of data protection, ownership and control of personal data, and ethically aligned design.Since awareness of their protection and transparent handling also increases with the amount of data, this trend will become even more of a focus in 2020.

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