ACP Muleterwa mobilizes local leaders in fighting domestic violence

The head of Community Policing department, ACP Anatoli Muleterwa has urged local council leaders and authorities to help the Police in fighting and preventing domestic violence related cases.

ACP Muleterwa who was accompanied by SP Okino Cyprian spent the whole part of yesterday in Katonga region where they met selected local council leaders from the districts of Mpigi, Butambala and Gomba.

“We would like to call upon local leaders to assist us in preventing domestic violence. It is a vice that has cost physical, emotional and psychological well being of the victims. Let’s work together to ensure its fought and bring to book all those culprits engaged therein,” noted Muleterwa .

He also urged them to ensure that the president’s directives on the fight against the Coronavirus are adhered to in the area

“As a department that is ensuring mobilization and raise awareness in the communities, we have stepped up more efforts of echoing the directives of His Excellence to the general public and the local leaders and our personnel to ensure that the directives are taken seriously by informing the communities that Covid-19 is real and therefore, we need to come up and stay safer by doing what we are supposed to do following the Ministry of Health Standard Operating Procedures and put safety precautionary measures like wearing of face masks, washing hands and sanitizing, social distancing and local council leaders are to ensure all those places like bars, lodges, salons etc are not allowed to open,” he guided.

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