Going Viral – What Is Everyone Doing?

Call it a fad, a trend that won’t go away, or just an excuse to pass the time, everyone, and we mean everyone, is trying to go viral these days. The idea of instant fame, good or bad, has gripped the Millennial generation big time, and people are often going out of their way to make a mark.

At the heart of this viral culture is the popularisation of celebrities who have achieved a lot of fame and money by, what many will say, doing nothing special. The idea of fame changed with the internet, as now people can reach millions of others within seconds, and thus gain a following, the likes of which we have never seen before. However, there are still different ways you can get this viral fever. Yes, you do require talent and the ability to lay it all out, but with a little courage and a lot of socialising, you too can be famous within minutes.  

The Medium Matters

Gone are the days when your written content would make you the talk of the town. Most influencers and internet celebrities rely on visuals to make an impact. Photographs on Instagram were definitely a turning point, however, now it is all about videos.

Whether it is the Kardashians, your local food blogger, or a Sports Illustrated model, if they want to remain in the public eye, they have to make the most of videos. Moreover, you also need to keep a watch on which social media trend is doing best. Instagram ruled the charts for a while and still does, but newer ones like TikTok are taking over, with millions of people submitting their content on it regularly.

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Be Original

The one problem with the internet is that there are people always ready to steal your ideas and original content. So, it helps to be quick at it, and come up with something unique. You can, however, take an idea and make it your own. Chain reaction videos, for example, are extremely popular and consist of everything from dominos falling and a Hot Wheels car chase to a cookie dunking machine. Best of all, you need not go out of your way for this and can do something ingenious with different household items.

Controversy is Good

A quick ride to going viral is by sharing your controversial opinion. Many individuals have achieved instant fame by being brash or going against a fashionable statement. In fact, there have been internet wars, like the one between PewDiePie and T-Series, that went on for a while and created a craze. In the end, it resulted in both of them gaining thousands of new subscribers. At the crux of this war were controversial statements by PewDiePie, that got him fallback, but also support.

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Have a Thick Skin

If you want to go viral, it helps to have a thick skin. Remember, not everyone is going to like your videos or comments, and while you will have people like you, there will be those who disapprove of you. Therefore, you have to look through all the bad there is on the internet and just be happy about the success, while enjoying the fame and fortune you earn from it all.

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