I Repeat, I Will Not Apologize Because I Did Nothing Wrong – Minister Acieng

The Minister for Health, Dr. Jane Ruth Aceng has insisted that she did nothing wrong while appearing in Lira over the weekend.

The minister has come under fire for not observing the social distancing as one of the measures introduced and advocated for by her ministry to combat the spread of Coronavirus when in a photo she was captured distributing face masks in Aromo sub-county in Lira district amidst crowds.

On Wednesday, when Aceng appeared before parliament to respond to concerns by MPs over delays by government to distribute face masks throughout the country.

The minister noted that whereas she did nothing wrong, she has learnt a lesson from what happened on the day.

Speaking to journalists later, Aceng insisted that there was nothing wrong in what she did.

“I was training on masks and the people who decided to take the photograph did it at the end when people were excited about seeing mama corona. I am their daughter and if I go down to the ground and they see me, wont they get excited and move near,”Aceng said.

The health minister explained that she could not order police to arrest the excited crowd that had got a chance to see her physically and yet she is also going to stand to represent them in the forthcoming general election.

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