Bugisu, Sebei Resolve to Return Mukula Unopposed as NRM Eastern Vice Chairperson

Capt Mike Mukula has been endorsed as ‘sole candidate’ for the NRM Vice Chairperson, Eastern region seat.

Mukula has been meeting the District Executive Committee (DEC) members from the regions starting with Bugisu sub region where he met them in Mbale City, before proceeding to meet DEC members of Sebei sub region.

Subsequently, sub regions of Bugisu and Sebei endorsed President Yoweri Museveni and Capt Mike Mukula as “sole candidates” for Presidency and NRM Vice chairperson for Eastern region respectively. 

Flamboyant Mukula, who is former Soroti Municipality MP, is determined to retain his Central Executive Committee (CEC) seat, the highest decision making organ of the NRM party, while Museveni is eyeing his 6th term as President.

During a meeting with NRM delegates including all NRM District chairpersons and executives of Sebei region in Kapchorwa on Monday, Capt Mukula and Museveni were unanimously declared unopposed.

In attendance were NRM delegates from the districts of Bukwo, Kween and Kapchorwa. 

On Sunday, NRM delegates from Bugisu also resolved to return Mukula as an unopposed for the NRM Vice Chairperson, Eastern region seat. 

Mukula revealed that the meeting was held in compliance with the Ministry of Health guidelines on COVID-19, disputing rumours that they disregarded social distancing and wearing of masks among others critical guidelines.

“The meeting in MBALE city for Bugisu region observed the health protocols, sanitized, temperature gun, MASKS police permission and cover , doctor present , secluded area …community hall etc PLEASE IGNORE FAKE NEWS,” he tweeted.

Mukula faces little competition from former Tororo Municipality MP Sanjay Tanna who has also declared his bid. 

It should be remembered that CEC recently resolved that the mode of voting for members directly elected to the Central Executive Committee and Presidential Flag Bearer shall be by resolution.

President Museveni today picked nomination forms as a flag bearer for NRM candidate for Presidency in the 2021 elections. 

In the 2016, NRM members declared Museveni as sole candidate. Even in 2021, Museveni is expected to have no competitor in the Party Primaries. 

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