Baryomunsi Breaks Silence, Speaks out on Kigali Gov’t Juicy Deal


The State Minister for Housing Hon. Chris Baryomunsi has finally let the cat out of the box and given his take on his alleged juicy attachment to the Kigali government.

The ambitious minister has been in the news for close to 10 months over allegations of conniving with Rwanda top officials, a move that has since then compromised his relationship with President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni.

In a lengthy statement, the Kinkizi East lawmaker rubbished the investigations by the Internal Security Organization (ISO) Claiming that its work is baseless and biased.

“I have been seeing this bogus story about my connections with Rwanda trending on social media. The story talks of one Makidadi, whom I do not physically know. It is authored by those scared of my strength. Instead of mobilizing for their support, they have given up and resorted to this kind of stultifying blackmail.” Baryomunsi Stated.

He further bragged how he is a self-made hustler who doesn’t need to gain favours from anyone in order to thrive his political career.
“They think this can cause the state to see me with suspicion. They forget that I sit at the political acme of the state structure. They are dead wrong and mistaken. The whole story reads like the handwork of a desperate loser. I treat it with maximum contempt. Am self-made, I never get diverted by this kind of nonsense.” He bragged amidst tension where its said that his report has reached president Museveni’s desk.

What has left many supersized is the junior minister claiming that he is being fought by local politicians down in Kanungu yet his fate continues to breed scores of suspicion both in the central government and the ruling party where he is seeking one of the top most offices much occupied by party historicals.

Reports from ISO have it that Baryomunsi together with Kanungu’s young Business man Kwizera Mukidad who is much known for his involvement in funding various politicians and runs most of his activities and deals the border of two countries.

It is said that the ambitious minister is on Kagame’s speed dial for over reasons better known by them since he is not the Minister of Foreign Affairs.

ISO has also gone ahead to pin the Minister of Housing for working with people at the border in Kanungu either to bring in huge sums money from Rwanda or send money there a move that has raised a lot of eyebrows especially from the security agencies.

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