Rwenzururu Kingdom seeks shs 80m to open admin offices


Obusinga bwa Rwenzururu is seeking Shillings 80 million from the institution’s subjects and well-wishers to enable the construction of a two kilometre road that leads to the kingdom administration offices at royal hills near Springs International hotel.

The fundraising campaign according to the Kingdom Prime Minister Rt. Hon Joseph Kule Muranga is aimed at easing access to the kingdom offices at the royal hills.

The Kingdom premier was speaking to our reporter shortly after receiving construction materials which included 20 spades, 20 Hoes, 15 digging forks among others worth one million shillings from the Kasese municipality legislator Robert centenary to kick start the construction works.

Muranga also revealed that after opening the road, they intend to embark on construction a new palace at the royal hill and the House of Representatives in the next two years.

David Kule Tsande chairperson basecamp upper said the road will stretch from national water reserve tank up to the far end of the royal hill.

MP centenary was represented at the launch by his political assistant Annah Biira. 

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