Museveni shall also die – Bebe Cool’s Father

Former local government minister and founder of People’s Progressive Party, Jaberi Bidandi-Ssali has advised ‘organisations’ fighting to oust President Yoweri Museveni to start thinking beyond removing him from the country’s top office.

Bidandi said political parties should wisely prepare for a situation after Museveni other than pulling strings.

“They (opposition) should know that Museveni is not immortal,” Bidandi said.

Sadly, Bidanda said they country no longer has a ‘group’ that bears genuine values of a political party. He termed NRM a ‘movement’ while the opposition parties as organisations fighting for leadership.

“A political party back in the day was a political party. An administrative position in the party wouldn’t be held without training,” Bidandi said.

“I don’t want to condemn any political party. There are always values acquired in leadership. As long as you don’t appreciate those values, then you are off-target,” he added.

Bidandi said back in the day money was not a factor in politics because it’s very dangerous as it corrupts.

“People behave like they will be in the positions they hold for life,” he said.

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