Ofwono Opondo Lampoons Kabuleta Over Bunyoro Oil Money

Government spokesperson Mr. Ofwono Opondo has lectured presidential candidate Joseph Kabuleta over state programs.

This was after the former Journalist stated that he would use Oil Money to develop infrastructure in Bunyoro region, where he also hails from.

“I will use the money from oil to develop infrastructure in the Bunyoro region if I win the election come 2021. Its time that you trusted me with your vote.” Presidential candidate Joseph Kabuleta said.

However this comment did not go well with the director of Media Center who decided to offer a free lecture to the president hopeful in a twitter spat.

Ofwono said that what Kabuleta plans to do has already been done by the ruling party even without oil.

“Even without oil money the government led by President Museveni is already undertaking major infrastructure projects (roads, pipeline, refinery, airport, industrial and Business Park in Bunyoro region.” Ofwono said.

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