Bobi Wine is Bad Influence – Museveni

President Museveni has accused the NUP flag bearer Hon. Robert Kyagulanyi of inciting violence in people at the electoral commission. He said that Kyagulanyi tried to cause chaos at the EC headquarters but all his attempts failed to work.

Earlier this week, Kyagulanyi suspended his campaigns and marched to the electoral commission headquarters.

His reason was to ask why he was being stopped from campaign in the different parts of the country where he hasn’t been able to access his supporters.

He was also seeking an explanation for the continued police brutality on both him and the citizens of Uganda.

On the contrary though, President Museveni believes that Hon. Kyagulanyi didn’t go to the EC for answers as he claims. He says Kyagulanyi wanted to cause chaos in the area.

“The other day, this Bobi Wine was trying to make drama to go to the Electoral Commission. He went alone because they know. He had hoped that he would get groups to help him do damage but all the bad people had got the message that ‘wano wafiira muloge,” Museveni said.

Museveni said the rioters were handled in the last riots and noted that much more damage would have occurred if police apparatus was not strong. Museveni claimed that the rioters are influenced by foreign groups to cause damage. Fortunately now, they all know the consequences of doing such acts according the incumbent.

Museveni made these remarks as he spoke to party leaders and flag bearers from Mayuge, Jinja, and Luuka. This happened on Friday afternoon at Dam waters Rugby grounds.

He afterwards flipped the coin to the side of the youths and sent a stern warning to them. He warned them against being used by people with selfish interests but noted that the government is ready to help out in terms of jobs and money for wealth creation.

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