Minister Hellen Adoa under Siege, Choking on Debts left, right and centre

State minister for Fisheries Hellen Adoa Abeku has been besieged by a hard financial diarrhea that has left her roaming up and down in confusion like a headless chicken.

With only 5 days left to the highly anticipated 2021 general polls, Minister Hellen Adoa has run out of options on where to borrow more money to fund her mind-numbing campaigns. Adoa has been borrowing money from all kinds of Banks, SACCOs and loan sharks within Kampala and Soroti to the extent she now has “nowhere to go.”

Our sources have established that recently Adoa picked Shs60m loan from Elegancy financial institution in Soroti to finance her campaigns. As if that is not enough, she had also borrowed about Shs700m from Kateta SACCOs. Her withering financial muscle has left her psychologically incoherent and it has been highly felt by most of her businesses including her fleet of schools which has seen teachers go for months without salary. It is not a surprise that of late Adoa has been very bitter with people around her, she is always moody and stressed.

Some of Adoa’s schools include; Halycon High School, Teso primary School, Namilyango Hill View Primary School, Toto Adoa Primary School. The schools have been struggling since last year when COVID-19 struck and there are not generating any money. Apparently, the schools are indebted to over Shs2bn in loans and likely to be sold by Banks to recover the monies.

Her woes have been made worse by mounting pressure from her political rivals who seem to be edging her up in the political race. Her toughest rivals who giving her a run for her money include; ANT’s Alice Alaso, FDC’s Asege, Irene Akiror etc.  

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