RNG, or Random effect in online casino

Since the time of one-armed bandits, there is an opinion among the players that it is possible to calculate the moment when а machine gives out a big win, together with that casinos can adjust the results in their favor, emptying the pockets of credent visitors.

Formerly, such an opportunity used to exist in times of mechanical slots. However, since that epoch, gambling industry has significantly developed, so that slot machines and other games have acquired completely different shapes and moved to the online casino sphere.

Random Number Generator (RNG) is a complex mechanism or program code using MD5 algorithm. It is applied to monitor the performance of digital slots and board games.

The generator is used for all games based on random match – slots, poker, blackjack, roulette, etc.

RNG types

Currently, there are two types of RNG: Hardware Random Number Generator and Pseudorandom Number Generator.

In reality, most random numbers used in computer programs are pseudo-random, which means they are generated in a predictable fashion using a mathematical formula. offers true random numbers to anyone on the Internet.

Hardware Random Number Generator (HRNG)

Typically, it is some kind of external device connected to the casino server’s USB port. It generates random numbers, using compound values as a starting point.

For example, it can be a mechanism that records radioactive isotope generating different number of electrons every second. It is the amount that comes the core number from which the RNG algorithm generates the result (launching the slot reels or roulette wheels).

Currently, many different starting points are used to generate numbers, but they are all-unpredictable and produced by physical objects or atmospheric phenomena. Such devices are used mainly at land based casinos or arcades.

Pseudorandom Number Generator (PRNG)

This is a program code using mathematical algorithms in a certain order, settled by a developer. Producers create their own software algorithm approximately simulating a roulette wheel.

This algorithm continuously calculates the next result. By pressing the Start button on the gaming machine, the user expects a win, but the combination of appearing symbols is predetermined even before the reels have been launched.

As the starting point of the algorithm, numbers with thousands of digits are used. For example, the number π (sequence of more than 5 trillion digits) is commonly used there. The further value is calculated with the help of several mathematical operations – addition, multiplication, division, subtraction, rounding, etc. Predicting consistency and anticipating the outcome are extremely difficult operations. This mechanism is used mainly in online establishments.

How the RNG works in a casino

Having a certain starting point (basic number), the generator calculates the next value, using applied algorithm. The outcome number becomes the next basic value to be used by the algorithm. This process is continuously repeated without pauses.

It is theoretically possible to find out the next number, but in practice, it is not so. That is why rumors about the falsification of results and jackpot prediction are just talking of people knowing nothing about RNG.

However, there is one more undertone that must be known by players doubting an integrity of casino: random number generator is registered by gambling regulator and passes required certification.

RNG certificate of compliance: what is it and how to get it

If the gambling online club operates transparently and legally within a specific jurisdiction, the RNG certificate of compliance becomes a proof of integrity, guaranteeing a winning payout to players.

Independent audit companies testing a casino RNG issue such certificates guaranteeing the randomness of the results. Auditors receive the appropriate permission for expert evaluation from certain regulator.

Successfully audited and certificated online casinos are proud to publish an auditor’s icon at their websites. As a rule, operators do not place a certificate scan online, so that frauds cannot use the algorithmic sequence data for illegal actions to bankrupt the casino.

In Russia, the RNG certificate of compliance is issued by the autonomous non-profit organization -“Interregional Testing Center”, located in Moscow. In international practice, a number of companies, including Gaming Laboratory International (GLI), Price Waterhouse Coopers, Technical Systems Testing, eCOGRA and others, are authorized to issue such certificates. GLI’s offices are situated around the world, accepting applications in the USA, China, South Africa and a number of European countries.

To obtain a certificate, you need:

  • To be a registered and licensed company (How to obtain license – read here);
  • To provide the selected independent auditor with a set of documents verifying your legal activity together with certificate application;
  • Random number generator must comply with the confirmed standards;
  • To pass a multi-stage test, the term of which directly depends on the casino structure, the variety of gaming applications, the complexity of the equipment and the RNG algorithm.

The random number generator can be purchased from certified suppliers, which will simplify the verification procedure. The cost of the RNG examination service depends on the complexity and games.

After receiving the certificate, its data must be officially published. Hardware RNGs are sealed to prevent unauthorized changes. The software generators are regularly checked by the auditor for the purpose of authenticating. The certificate specifies not only the algorithm of the generator, but also the games, which it is applied to.

Hacking into RNG: is it possible?

The software algorithms use a crypto-resistant mechanism, MD5, previously used to store passwords, in other words, it performs a degree of protection against hacking.

Is it possible to crack a secured generator and use a twisted RNG to generate large winnings? Theoretically – yes, it is possible, but it will take several hours, and for such a long time the security service will probably fix a visitor’s suspicious activity and alarm the system.

Why random number generator is so important

The RNG ensures the absolute randomness of drop-down results, and hence the honesty of game. This technology is still developing. The generators produced ten years ago lag far behind modern models, which provide a multistage protection and a complex algorithm preventing the possibility of being hacked.

Operator’s RNG certificate of compliance indicates the transparency of the casino. This establishment can be trusted: players get a real chance of getting big wins and jackpots.

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