Inside Africa’s Most Glamorous Resorts

Villa des Orangers is a calm haven in the colourful chaos of Marrakech.

From awe-inspiring gorges to wide open plains, buzzing cities to dense jungle, there’s no other continent on the planet where you can experience such diversity in just one continent.

This variety of scenery might be responsible for the popularity of our continent as a holiday destination. If you want to sip on a glass of sauvignon whilst looking out for lions prowling the savannah, then Africa is the place to come. Here is a look inside some of our most glamorous and exclusive resorts.

Sun City Resort, South Africa

If you’re after a cosmopolitan break, then Sun City Resort, situated right on the edge of the Pilansberg National Park could be for you. Its close situation to Johannesburg means that you can enjoy everything that the city has to offer in the morning, then spend the afternoon surfing, and if the mood takes you, watch the evening sunset on safari.

Back in 1979 at its opening, its no expense spared luxury and convenient location made it without a shadow of a doubt the most luxury resort in the country.

Of course, if you like to spend more of your holiday enjoying the inside of the resort than the outside, then there is plenty on offer here too, most notably the glamorous casino.

It still features beautiful dark wood gaming tables from its opening but is also up to date with video slots and all of the latest mod-cons. Of course, the best paying casinos in South Africa do tend to be online ones. The overheads are lower, so the return to player can afford to be greater. So, if you want maximum bang for your buck, then perhaps an online site is the way to go, but if you want maximum atmosphere, then the Sun City Resort cannot be beaten.

Kyaninga Lodge, Uganda

Watching the animals is the main reason for visiting Kyaninga Lodge, but the setting alone will make you want to stay forever.

In our home country Uganda, there is no end of possibility for luxury lodgings, but the Kyaninga Lodge is truly something special. Situated on the banks of Lake Kyaninga, the Kyaninga Lodge looks out to beautiful waters in one direction and the breathtaking Rwenzori Mountains in the other. The owner saw the vistas and immediately fell in love with the place. He set about on a one-man journey to create the ultimate luxury lodge, and most would agree that he’s achieved his goal.

There are nine separate cottages on the resort, all made from locally sourced wood, painstakingly carved by hand. The finish in each of the cottages is a little different from the next, giving them all their own unique character. The personal touch can be felt through every inch of Kyaninga Lodge, so if artisanal wall hangings and handmade character are the qualities you prize the most highly, a stay here would be the ultimate luxury. When the backdrop is this beautiful, it should not be too difficult to encourage people to embark on the new Take On the Pearl of Africa Challenge.

Villa des Orangers, Morocco

For travelers who love a city break, it can sometimes be hard to truly relax. The hustle and bustle of the world’s most special cities can be exciting, but also exhausting. At Villa des Orangers in Morocco, the owners of the resort have clearly thought through this problem to great effect.

Situated in the heart of Morocco, as soon as you walk through the ornate front doors you enter an oasis of calm. You enter into a cool courtyard shaded by citrus fruit trees with jasmine lazily trailing across the walls. In the centre of the courtyard is a trickling water feature, surrounded by plush white loungers. It truly is a paradise in the beating heart of Marrakech.

Inside the decor is not as lavish as some other resorts, but is clearly carefully chosen in a French colonial style. The walls are paneled in dark wood, set against an almost white stucco. Low leather sofas and effortlessly draped curtains invite you in to relax. The reflections from the pool outside dance on the ceilings and palm tree fronds push their way through the open doors. The whole setting is more serene than any spa, but still so close to the action of city life.

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