UNSHAKEN: I will Continue Vying for Presidency until EC Declares Me Winner – Norbert Mao

Nobert Mao

Seasoned politician and Democratic Party (DP) president general has said that he will still stand for Presidency in 2026 regardless of his poor results in all the Presidential polls he has been a Candidate.

Mao said that he is a statesman who believes in democracy rather than violence as some groups prefer. 

“I am a lawyer and therefore I respect the law. Am coming back in 2026 because I know one day the election will bring the change we want.” He said

Mao added that the poor performance of the opposition is because they are not united especially when some parties think they are bigger than others and therefore think they can just drag their counterparts into ideologies they don’t believe in.

“First, as the opposition we need to talk and we get a Common voice. Some groups think they are too big to sit on the same table with DP. That ‘Kamanyiro’ won’t work. That’s why you didn’t see me at Africana Hotel.” Mao added.

Mao said it is ok for some people to call him a mole but he will never support any one who will try to use unconstitutional means to take power in Uganda.

“Some of you don’t know what a war means. Ask me who is from Northern Uganda. I freshly remember what we went through when Kony was fighting government”.

“I don’t want my countrymen to ever shed blood again because a certain person wants to take power by force. As a country, we need to talk.” He said.

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