NRM is Indebted to You Sir- Nankabirwa Pays Tribute to Deputy Speaker Oulanyah

Government Chief Whip Ruth Nankabirwa has paid tribute to the Deputy Speaker Jacob Oulanyah who also doubles as the NRM Vice Chairperson for Northern region.

Nankabirwa appreciated Oulanyah for singlehandedly delivering NRM’s victory in Northern Uganda in the jut concluded elections.

President Museveni scored a record 65% votes in Northern Uganda with majority of the NRM parliamentary candidates sailing through. In 1996 elections, Museveni scored just 12% votes and the percentages have remained lagging in the respective elections of 2005, 2011 and even 2016.

During today’s rare plenary chaired by Oulanyah, Government Chief Whip Nankabirwa recognized the efforts of Oulanyah in securing NRM’s victory in Northern region.

“First of all, I apologize for coming late for this sitting. It is not because I didn’t know it was you presiding, but it is because of the emergency cabinet sitting today. I know when it is you chairing the House then keeping time is paramount,” Nankabirwa started her speech.

“Allow me thank you for delivering NRM victory in the region, you promised us good results during your campaigns for NRM CEC and indeed, you delivered. We are indebted to you sir,” Nankabirwa said as she received a round of applause from fellow MPs.

She added that although she lost the election, she will in her various capacities reciprocate Oulanyah’s efforts to ensure that he wins the Speakership race in June this year.

“I didn’t make it [in the elections], but I know we shall see you around spearheading legislation in this country,” she said.

Earlier on, Oulanyah had also been praised and warmly welcomed back to the House by fellow MPs; Jonathan Odur (Erute South) who acted as the Leader of Opposition and Alioni Yorke Odria (Aringa South).

“We have missed you [Hon Oulanyah] in this house for over a year. Thank the Lord for today we have seen you. We the silent majority have been praying for you and we shall stand with you. With you, all these bills on the order paper can be handled within a today or two, unfortunately it might take us a week or so,” Odria said.  

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