Bobi Wine Stages Protests over supporters under Military Detention

Anti-riot police in Central Business of Kampala have arrested National Unity Platform ‘NUP’ President Robert Ssentamu Kyagulanyi alias Bobiwine and other party members in downtown Kampala as he led what he called a peaceful protest demanding the release of NUP supporters who are suspected to be in military detentions.

Kyagulanyi was apprehended at around city square and whiskered away to central police station in chaotic and noisy mob.

Kampala metropolitan police spokesperson Patrick Onyango confirmed Kyagulanyi’s arrest.

“We have arrested Hon. Kyagulanyi and some of his members because they had participated in the unlawful protest. Our officers are working their files .we shall take them to the office of the DPP who will give us legal advice on what charges we are going to press against them”, he said.

Bobiwine, on Sunday evening incited some of his supporters to join him in protest against President Museveni and his government on the grounds that they violate human rights and suppress freedom of speech.

Kyagulanyi said his protests are aimed at reclaiming victory which he alleges that it was stolen by the NRM party.

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