Hon. Robina Rwakoojo Joins Deputy Speaker Race, Pledges to Stand For Unity All Arms of Gov’t

Hon. Robina Rwakoojo addressing the media at a press conference earlier today. PHOTOS by Kibanzanga Jerry


The heat and battle for the Deputy Speaker of Parliament race has continued getting tight as strong and highly celebrated personalities throw in their backs.

Today 25th March 2021, Hon. Robina Rwakoojo declared her bid to muscle out with her fellows for mighty juicy office.

In a press address held today around 11AM at Imperial Royale Hotel, Hon. Robina Gureme Rwakoojo of Gomba West Constituency, Gomba District officially declared her intention to stand for the position of Deputy Speaker in the 11th Parliament of Uganda.

Rwakoojo used her legal background and highly blossoming CV to lure lawmakers to her side, that was constantly referred to as the winning team.

Rwakoojo has previous worked with the Ministry of Justice and Constitutional Affairs for twenty five and half years as a Pupil State Attorney and later promoted to State Attorney, Senior State Attorney, Principal State Attorney then Commissioner Line Ministries.

She also served as Acting Director Civil Litigation for seven years.

Robina confidently said that her rich legal background and experience together with her membership and participation in professional bodies like FIDA-Uganda (Uganda Association of Women Lawyers), Uganda Law Society and East African Law Society moulded her into a wholesome and well-blended lawyer.

“I took early retirement from the Ministry of Justice and Constitutional Affairs in July 2016 to respond to a call of the people of Gomba West who recently re-elected me for another team.” She added.

While in Parliament, Robina has been entrusted with leadership positions such as Vice Chairperson Legal and Parliamentary Affairs Committee, Chairperson Select Committee of Parliament investigating sexual violence in institutions of learning in Uganda and Currently the Vice Chairperson Equal Opportunities Committee.

She also served as a member of the Appointments Committee.

Hon. Gureme Robina went on to say that; “Considering that Committees act as mini-parliaments in their mode of work, I believe it has given me the experience to blend with my vast legal knowledge.” Since my re-election, a number of colleagues have approached me and asked me to take up this position. She said adding that This is coupled with her interest in Parliamentary procedure, encouraged me to vie for the position of Deputy Speaker.

In her bid for Deputy Speaker, Hon. Robina promised to work on the following;-

  1. Enhancing Debating Skills of Members of Parliament by equipping members through capacity building and organising specialised refresher training. “We come from different academic and social backgrounds.” She commented.
  2. Improving Welfare of Members and Staff of Parliament by providing adequate office space, equipment like computers and iPads, good health and vehicle for transportation to their constituencies saying it’s not luxury to provide such things as there is need for Technological Advancements and easing movement for the Members of Parliament as she termed it, “Provision of Necessities.”
  3. Promotion of a Good Working Relationship among the three Arms of Government and a smooth working relationship between the Office of the Speaker, Deputy Speaker, Members of Parliament and the Staff.
  4. Media Training owing to provide specialised capacity building for media reporting of Parliamentary debates and activities.

In a nutshell, Hon Rwakoojo called upon members of the 11th Parliament to consider her qualifications, experience, and integrity and vote her as the best candidate for Deputy Speaker of the Parliament of Uganda.

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