I Didn’t Kill Besigye Because Never Wanted Him Become a Hero After That – Museveni

President Yoweri Museveni has revealed that there are so many people he would have killed because they used to annoy him but he did not do so because his NRM government does not operate like that.

Delivering his National Budget speech at Kololo Independence Grounds on Thursday, the President said NRM does not believe in assassinations because as government they believe in themselves and killing their opponents has never been a solution to any of their challenges.

“There are so many people I would have killed because they were annoying me, like Cecilia Ogwal, I used to call her ‘dano orach’ meaning bad woman because she had a bad tongue. If I had killed Besigye, he would be a hero in the eyes of the people,” Museveni said.

“The attack on Katumba Wamala is not any ordinary crime, this was a definite political motive and we shall know which pig it was. NRM never uses assassinations because we are sure of ourselves. Why should I kill you because you are opposing you, I shall preserve you so that you keep seeing your mistakes.”

Museveni also warned criminals/assailants that his government will crash them.

“We managed the rebellion, now this one is like a jigger. To get it you go for its eye, so this problem of the criminals we shall not use roadblocks, we shall go for the eye of the jigger.Lokech (Deputy IGP) tells me they already have the fingerprints of the gun used in the attack against Gen Katumba.”

” Every vehicle and motorcycle must have a digital monitor, which will show us your whereabouts and if you remove it, the system will show us and we shall come for you. I’ve told Gen Muhoozi, the Minister designate for Internal Affairs to check it and see the progress.”

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