Gov’t Will Give Urban Poor Ugandans Mobile Money Not Food – Prime Minister

Robinah Nabanja

The Prime Minister Hon Robinah Nabbanja says government will not distribute food to the vulnerable groups during this lockdown period but will rather offer monetary support to these groups.

Nabbanja made the revelation Sunday evening after meeting the Covid19 Taskforce at the Office of the Prime Minister in Kampala.

She says that the relief package for the vulnerable will be passed through Mobile Money.

“Money will be sent using mobile money and the voucher system,” she told the taskforce.

Prime Minister Nabbanja addressing the taskforce

“We have decided that any support that will be provided to the persons most affected by the lockdown will be through cash tokens and not physical food distribution,” she added.

In the last lockdown (March 2020), government provided food to the vulnerable poor.

Nabbanja said this time round, government is targeting people living in the slums and vulnerable poor with cash tokens.

She says funds will be quickly found to boost acquisition of medical oxygen to support COVID19 patients.

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