Take It At Your Own Risk: Museveni Has Not Ordered Mass Production Of Covidex Vaccine – State House

President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni has distanced himself from the rumours circulating online regarding the production of herbal Covid-19 vaccine Covidex.

According to the Senior presidential press secretary Ms. Nabuusayi Lindah Wamboka, the president is not responsible of approving drugs.  

“Please disregard claims that president Kaguta Museveni has okayed mass production of Covidex. The President does support various scientists, including Prof. Ogwang with funding research & innovation including developing a Covid19 cure. This process is ongoing. @UNDAuthority is mandated to approve production.” Wamboka stated.

This communication comes a few days after National Drug Authority (NDA) advised the general public to stay away from illegal herbal medicines on market especially the Covidex manufactured by Jena Herbals (U) Ltd that claims to prevent and treat COVID-19.

According to the statement issued on 14th June 2021, NDA stated that it has not undertaken any assessment or approved Covidex, neither has it received any application from the innovator of the Covidex as required by National Drug Policy and Authority Act cap 206.

“NDA has authorized a number of products from Jena Herbals (U) Ltd and they are aware of processes with regard to drug development, clinical trials, authorization, drug promotion and licensing before production and sell of herbal medicine.” The Statement reads.

The Authority Public Relations Manager Abiaz Rwamwiri however also revealed that this morning, NDA met with a team from Jena Herbals (U) Ltd led by Prof. Patrick Ogwang and have agreed to follow the necessary processes as per NDA Act cap 206.

“All manufacturers /innovators of herbal medicines are advised to seek guidance from NDA before production and sale of their products. NDA encourages research in herbal medicines and is always ready to provide guidance to ensure safe, efficacious and quality drugs to entire population of Uganda.” Abiaz Rwamwiri said adding that the public is warmed against use of products on the market that are not authorized by NDA purporting to treat covid-19. The public is also advised to follow Ministry of Health (MOH) guidelines and SOPs and always seek treatment from licenced heath facilities.

To avoid getting or spreading covid-19, NDA reminds the public to always wear masks, wash hands with soap and water or sanitize and maintain social distancing.

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