Minister Babalanda Speaks Tough On Illegal Land Evictions, RDCs On Spot

Hon. Milly Babirye Babalanda new Minister for Presidency

Newly appointed Minister for Presidency Hon. Milly Babirye Babalanda has given vowed not to tolerate impunity waged against nationals.

Speaking in a tweet made earlier today, Babalanda stated that she is going to work hand in hand with the lands and Housing Minister Hon. Judith Nabakooba to see that the issue of illegal land evictions is stamped out.

She also directed Resident District Commissioners (RDCs) to selflessly support this noble cause.

“In light of the move by my Colleague Minister, Hon Judith Nabakoob to streamline Land Management Systems, I hereby guide all RDCs/RCCs to support this effort. In particular, violent illegal land evictions including those conducted in awkward hours of the night should be stamped out.” She tweeted on Sunday Morning.

For a while the Fountain of Honour has condemned the issue of illegal land evictions by landlords saying that its not a fair practice.

It should remembered that last year, the former Security Minister General Elly Tuwmine said that anybody evicting people from land during the Covid-19 lockdown is nothing but an enemy of the state and will be treated as such.

Tumwine added that government is going to deal ruthlessly with anybody no matter their status or rank in government who tries to evict people now. He said most of the major crimes that have been recorded during the lockdown arise from land disputes.

“The courts are not working; there is no transport, why do you insist on evicting people? We have started a war and all of us should join in to say that there must not be any land transactions until we open. This time there is no order from above, we are ready for anyone whether security officers, ministers or RDCs, whoever is going to interfere in this, we are going to arrest that person,” Tuwmine said.

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