The passenger plane crashed at an airport in the town of Wau

A passenger plane has crashed at a South Sudan airport, reportedly injuring at least 14 people.

Some 44 people are thought to have been on board the South Supreme Airlines plane when it came down in the northwestern town of Wau.

State information minister Bona Gaudensio said: “Right now we have the ambulance which has just come out from the airport and we have received 14 patients being rushed to hospital in stable condition.”

The tail of the aircraft was the only part to survive the blaze.

No information has been released on the condition of the other passengers.

An aid worker told Reuters news agency: “No one died but there are a number of injured people right now.”

Photographs from the scene showed fire engines soaking the smouldering wreckage with water.

Paul Charles, an engineer at the airport, told AFP news agency that visibility was poor when the accident took place.

He said: “The weather is not good. Visibility was not good up to now and (the plane) was landing from the east to west then it just crashes (off) the runway.”

Gabriel Ngang, manager of South Supreme Airlines, said the plane had taken off from the capital Juba.


SOURCE. By Russell Hope, News Reporter. SKYNEWS

Passenger plane carrying 44 people crashes in Juba
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