CONFESSION: My Husband Cheated on Me, I revenged, Slept with His Father and Three Brothers

A Kenyan woman identified as Jenifer has revealed that she slept with her husband’s father and three brothers after he cheated on her.

She claims that her husband used to work in Nairobi Westlands and she used to work in Machakos.

“For the first three months we were okay and I didn’t notice anything. But in December 2015 I started realizing what whenever my husband cracks a joke, the house help laughs the most, they even exchange some gestures. I pretended that I didn’t notice anything,” she states.

In June 2016, I realized that my house help’s stomach was growing big and asked her what was the problem. That’s when she opened up and told me she was expecting my husband’s kid. That alone broke me completely, I thought I was dreaming. I asked,” ebu niambie, ulisema nini?” She repeated again, ”ni bwanako alinipea mimba”

Confused, I waited until it was sleeping time then I asked my husband whether it’s true she is responsible for the house help’s child, he hesitated for some moments but finally admitted. He, however, went to his knees and asked for forgiveness.

I had all along been faithful to him, I felt betrayed. The following day, out of anger I told the house help to pack and go, she refused. I had to force her out with the help of our watchman.

Since I didn’t want to destroy my marriage, I forgave my husband. But the worst moment was when the house help told me in a message, ” huyo bwanako ni Malaya, sio mimi peke yangu, utajua hujui”.

True to the house help’s words, I came to discover I didn’t know my husband well. For few months we lived without a house help, there used to be much silence in the house, I had started developing mistrust with my husband. I even didn’t want to sleep with him because I feared he might infect me.

The worst happened in 2018 when another woman, one of our neighbours also came to claim she was carrying my husband’s baby. Out of anger, I packed and went straight to his village home where I settled. But deep down in me, I knew how I could revenge on him.

My husband has three brothers, one is mentally handicapped and two others are jobless in the village. His father is a retired teacher.The three didn’t know what I was up to.

I lived for one month interacting with each of them until they were comfortable with me. Since they were all taking alcohol, I knew how to trap them.
The first one was his father. One evening I brought a whisky and as we were taking in sitting room, he felt tipsy and forgot himself.That night we ended up sleeping together and I recorded everything.

The second one was his youngest brother who was at that time 19 years, I also slept with him.
I also slept with his other two brothers and recorded everything.

One morning I packed my bags and off I went. On my way home, I wrote this message to my husband, ”It’s over, bye” and sent him all the messages.

I hear he is suffering from high blood pressure and depression.

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