At first I thought it was a joke. But even though I didn’t take it lightly I had to make some international research.

World practices (acceptable) are way much more easier compared to the old man’s. I hope we should patent the Old man’s innovations. However, putting it to the test it has not just collapsed but rather died.

For starters, I would like you to compare it with the MOB gravity drip irrigation kit.
It ensures a successful harvest 3 times a year growing vegetables.

See how the cabbages they planted in the extreme heat of December are almost ready for harvest.(Picture below)

The kit can guarantee you 3 harvests a year regardless of the weather + a profit on your first planting.

It is a success story in Kenya for the past 8years.

Their smallest kit the 30Sqm (OnlyUgx 112,000) is perfect for backyard farming or those who want to try out and understand drip irrigation without huge costs involved.

They also have kits that cover up to half an acre.

Back home, you have the hustle of collecting water bottles…….

This method specifically as showed in the picture may not save the banana plant more so when it is soon hot. That way it does not pass the test, it is equally not user friendly. It creates much more work than……..anyway. It can not solve the irrigation puzzle.

It will instead end up affecting the suck and it will rot away.

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OPINION: President Museven needs a patent for his Innovation
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