Gov’t should stop fooling Ugandans, can’t fight corruption – Hon. Lutamaguzi

Nakaseke South legislator Hon. Lutamaguzi Paul Ssemakula

Nakaseke South legislator Hon. Lutamaguzi Paul Ssemakula

Nakaseke South legislator Hon. Lutamaguzi  Paul Ssemakula has said that government should stop fooling Ugandans in disguise of fighting corruption yet the whole regime is terribly occupied by corrupt officials.

In trying to make sense of the arrest and suspension of Minister Herbert Kabafunzaki, he described the whole saga as a sacrificial lamp for bad National resistance Movement regime since even a UPE primary school pupil can tell that it was acted and stage managed.

“I am telling you this government cannot fight corruption, it’s infiltrated by corrupt official who are Museveni’s friends and relatives. You can’t fail to have a baby in your 20s and 30s and you begin telling us that you are going to get one in your 80s. Miracles are only in religions not politics.” Lutamaguzi said.

Speaking to the Insider on Saturday morning, Lutamaguzi added that several government officials are stealing billions of tax payers’ money in broad day light and no one comes out to speak but it’s unfortunate that they are talking about only 5M Uganda shillings issue.

Sighting the Crane Bank bailout issues where government on President Museveni’s directive freely offered 200 Billion to city businessman Sudir Ruparelia and in a short while the bank was sold off another commercial bank.

“Government is playing us hid and seek, the money offered to some businessmen, is indirectly offered to some officials for example, how did Hamis of Aya Group of Companies get his land? If he is an investor, why does government continue giving him money yet it would have been the investor to use his money. Government should stop fooling Ugandans.” He stated.

However in response to his state, NRM’s Kasanda south legislator Hon. Semewo Nsubuga said that government deserves to be credited for the efforts put in the fight against corruption in the Country.

He added that it’s on record, no minister was arrested, charged and suspended of corruption issues but if the NRM government has reached this then it implies that the fight is on and the country will be redeemed from the bad corrupt officials.


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