Rwanda set to host Transform Africa Summit in May

The Transform Africa Summit is set to take place for the third time in the month of May.

According to a press statement released in Kigali on Wednesday, Mr Hamadoun Touré, the executive director of Smart Africa said the summit will be hosted by Mr Paul Kagame, the President of the Republic of Rwanda, in Kigali from May 10 to 12 under the Theme, “Smart Cities. Fast Forward.”

The summit follows the Smart Africa Manifesto, which was endorsed by African leaders during the Transform Africa Summit in 2013.

The manifesto lays the foundation for a connected Smart Africa based on five principles including putting Information Communication Technology (ICT) at the Centre of National Socio-economic Development Agenda, improving access to ICT, especially broadband, improving accountability, efficiency and openness through ICT, putting the private sector first and leveraging ICT to promote sustainable development.

Smart Africa was created by African leaders determined to transform their countries into emerging economies by 2030. “These leaders share a common dream to give opportunities to the younger generation to evolve in an environment conducive to technological innovation, self-development and competitiveness, leading to greater job creation,” Mr Touré said.

He noted that partnership with private sector would be key in implementing the ambitious, yet realistic and achievable goals, set by the Smart Africa leadership.

Today, countries such as Côte d’Ivoire, also one of the Smart Africa Member States, is among the very few countries in the world with double-digit economic growth despite the current challenging global economic environment. Majority of other Smart Africa Member States have had an average growth of 5-7 per cent.
This event is expected to attract more than 4,000 participants and gather Heads of State, First Ladies, ministers and government officials in ICT & related sectors such as infrastructure, finance, health, education and energy.


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