Labour Day: Ssegirinya prays Duuwa for Gov’t to save Ugandans rotting in UEA

Duuwa Prayers in Action

As several government officials drove four wheel vehicles to Palisa in Eastern Uganda to celebrate the international Labour Day, Kawempe KCCA councilor Muhammad Ssegirinya instead went to the bush and carried out Duuwa Prayers for Ugandans in UEA.

Ssegirinya led the team of youths to celebrate Labour Day in a Duuwa prayer for the Government to consider rescuing Ugandans imprisoned in UEA.

“We cannot celebrate Labour Day when Ugandans still rooting in UAE prisons. Salt Duuwa in action.” Ssegirinya posted on his Facebook page.

A number of Ugandans have experienced a series of problems like poor working conditions, and others end up in prisons in the different Arab countries where majority have gone and still going in search for greener pastures but government has not made a quick intervention in the matter.


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