South Sudan

South Sudan: 21 people killed during fresh clashes in Gogrial State

Youth leaders in Gogrial State have called upon President Salva Kiir to intervene in his hometown to stop the cycle of inter-communal fighting between Apuk and Aguok.

At least 21 people have been killed and an additional 22 people sustained gunshot wounds. A University graduate was killed in the clash.

“The communal fight within Gogrial claimed the lives of 21 people, leaving another 22 wounded.

In Kuac, four people were killed, among the four, an old lady and her seven-year-old grandchild were killed at night and three others were wounded in Akac-Kuac village.

In Apuk, 12 people lost their lives and seven others were wounded. Another five people were killed in Aguok community, leaving seven wounded. An SPLA soldier was killed and Titweng youth also wounded five others and one person from Twic State was wounded,” said Simon Machuar Manhkeracnaak, President of Gogrial State youth union in Juba.

Manhkeracnaak, said that the incumbent Governor Gregory Deng Kuac is unfit for the office he serves in and to state affairs. The youth leader alleged that Governor Deng was trying to create an “Apuk State” as part of destabilising the state mutual relationship.

The youth leadership put their position clear saying that President Kiir was to remove the governor and a neutral committee was to visit the scene of the conflict under investigation.

“We are re-appealing to the President to remove the governor of Gogrial State in order rescue the lives of the innocent civilians that are suffering. We are also begging our President to form a neutral committee to go to Gogrial to see the crisis and then investigate the causes of the communal fighting and bringing to book those responsible for masterminding the senseless fights,” said Manhkeracnaak.

He went on and added that “we urge our elders to intervene by calling rescue meetings to stop the escalation of the fighting by advising youth and politicians who use communal fights for their benefits. We are appealing to Humanitarian Aid and UN agencies to grant humanitarian assistant to our populations who were affected by the incident of April 27, 2017, in Apuk South County, which resulted in the burning of more than 200 households and the displaced of over 500 households.”

Several youth and politicians have been detained because they have been accused of inciting inter-communal violence. Former Commissioner of Awan-Chan, Peter Matem Yak was arrested alongside youths in Aguok area. The youth leadership called for immediate release of the youth and termed them as innocent.

“We are appealing for the release of Hon. Peter Matem Yak, Hon. Madut Akucpir, Mr Mayak Wol, Mr. Bona Makur Awet, Dr. Bul Madut Geng, Mr. Mariak Agim Buoi and the twelve members of youth who were arrested in Apuk west by the state government because they have done nothing wrong to be arbitrarily arrested, tortured, starved and imprisoned without trial,” said the President of the Gogrial State youth union.



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